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What Does LGBT+ Mean Book.png

What Does LGBT+ Mean?

The only book for Primary (and LKS3) children with a simple, clear explanation of gender, sexual orientation, privilege, discrimination and allyship

Book list.png

Inclusive Books for Primary Age

These books normalise/ usualise diverse families and LGBT+ lives.  There are also many suggestions for children who live outside gender stereotypes.

Secondary Books.png

Inclusive Books for Secondary Age

Fiction and non-fiction book suggestions to promote LGBT+ inclusivity and provide a resource for your LGBT+ students

All Families are Welcome....png

PPT - Family photographs for display and discussion

All children love to see themselves reflected in the images around them. Hopefully everyone in your class will see a family similar to theirs

The Love parade.jpg

The Love Parade

by Yasmine Case

Lovely, warm book about celebrating Pride, based on Yasmine's experiences of Prides in Dorset

age 3-9

SEND Gay Doc.png


How to use the word 'gay' appropriately.

Uses Widget symbols

Created by Laura Chaffin-Tracey

Contact Me

Thanks again for your fabulous free resources.  Today we used the one about Rosa Parks.  The children were so indignant and vocal about the segregation and unfairness. Your ppt hit just the right note!  Thanks again and we're looking forward to your next visit to us.

Primary School Teacher

Assemblies/ Discussions

Assemblies to encourage children to think about gender, stereotyping, diversity and making a difference in the world

Assemblies/ Discussion PPTs are pitched for KS2, but are also used regularly by KS1 and KS3 teachers


Chevalier D'Eon.png
lgbt heart.png

Chevalier D'Eon Diplomat, spy, soldier and expert at fencing - the Chevalier D'Eon lived an exciting life, but today they are remembered particularly for living half their life as a man and half as a woman.  This is an easy way to drop in that some people change how they present and that's OK. 

Virginia Hall.png

Virginia Hall - The Greatest Spy of WW2 ? She commanded respect from both sides with her brilliant leadership, courage and abilities, all with her wooden leg, Cuthbert.

haarnam kaur.png

Haarnam Kaur was bullied as a teenager, but now she is proud of her 'glorious beard'.  

Focusing on the benefits of being true to yourself

Michael Gunning.png
lgbt heart.png

Michael Gunning - role model (KS1-2)

This assembly uses a lovely, positive video from Pop'n'Olly where Michael talks about his love for swimming, his dual nationality and drops-in that he's gay too.

Women footballers.png

The Rise, Fall and Rise Again of Women's Football

Over 100 years ago women's matches attracted huge crowds, but then the FA banned them from playing on their pitches.  What happened next?

Matt henson.jpg

Matthew Henson - first man to the North Pole

Courageous, daring, smart and a man of incredible perseverance and resilience, Matt Henson is a fantastic role model and exciting explorer to find out more about.

Alan Turing.png
lgbt heart.png

Alan Turing - Computing Genius

Turing invented The Bombe, a code-breaking machine which shortened WW2 and saved many lives. He was also gay at time when this was illegal in the UK.

Jake Daniels.png
lgbt heart.png

Jake Daniels - First Pro Footballer to come out in 30 years

A positive ppt about the impact of coming out on Jake and how we can tackle ongoing homophobia in sport. 

Violet Piercy.jpg

Violet Piercy - Marathon Runner

Violet Piercy was the first woman to run a marathon publicly in 1926, but it took until 1980 for women to be allowed to run in the London Marathon.  


What is a Refugee?

Uses the current example of refugees fleeing Ukraine to explain what a refugee is and talk about how being a refugee is not an end, but a new start. Includes Judith Kerr, Rita Ora and Magid Magid.

boys in dresses.png

Dresses for boys and girls.  Harry Styles was criticised for not being 'manly' enough when he wore a dress on the cover of Vogue...what do you think?

Preet Chandi.png

Preet Chandi (Polar Preet) - solo expedition across Antarctica

Preet Chandi is the first woman of colour to walk solo to the South Pole and now she walking solo across Antarctica.  She wants to encourage others to challenge themselves and recognise that 'nothing is impossible'

Hero Olly.png

Be Your Own Hero - KS1/2

Using the song from Olly Pike, this assembly explores what it means to be a hero and how we all have an inner strength in times of challenge.  

Female Pirate.jpg

KS1 Special - Pirates Weren't Just Men

Children often have fixed views about who can do a job and this ppt introduces Mary Read and Anne Bonny, two women who went to sea as pirates.  It asks if anyone can do any job?

It is pitched at KS1/Y3

Mary Anning 1.png

A Statue for Mary Anning

Mary was one of the first paleontologists.  Despite being an expert, she was often ignored and excluded because of her gender and class.

Dorset-based schoolgirl Evie worked with her Mum to raise funds for a statue to remember this pioneering woman.

Pink Shadow.png

My Shadow is Pink KS1/ LKS2 version

Quiz and thoughtful questions to accompany the beautiful short film of the same name

Film and book by Scott Stuart

pink shadow ks2.png

My Shadow is Pink

UKS2/KS3 version

Quiz and thoughtful questions for older children, to accompany the beautiful short film of the same name

Film and book by Scott Stuart

ada lovelace.jpg.png

Ada Lovelace - lover of maths and pioneering computer programmer defied the criticisms of the time to continue the work she loved

Sarah Forbes Bonetta.png.jpg

Is it ever OK to give a person as a gift?  Sarah Forbes Bonetta was given to Queen Victoria when she was just five years old.

Bayard Rustin.jpg
lgbt heart.png

Bayard Rustin organised the 1963 March on Washington where MLK delivered his 'I have a dream' speech.  Rustin was openly gay and often ostracised and sidelined for being himself. 

rosa parks 2.jpg.png

Is it ever OK to commit a crime? The brave and determined Rosa Parks defied segregation laws to spark a huge public demonstration and ultimately successful court case

Sally Ride was the first American woman in Space.  She fought to be taken seriously as a professional and capable astronaut. 

Sally Ride.png
lgbt heart.png
Marcus Rashford.jpg.png

Speaking out for what you believe in - a focus on Marcus Rashford, Greta Thunberg and Malala

Hedy Lamaar.png

Don't judge a book by its cover (1)

Hedy Lamaar was a beautiful and famous Hollywood star...and also a brilliant scientist and inventor

Visible Facial Difference.png

Don't Judge a Book By It's Cover (2)

In films 'bad' people are often depicted with a visible difference, but in reality looks are an unreliable guide to who someone is.

These people all show that looking different isn't the most interesting thing about them.  

identity ppt.png

Identity - Being Yourself

Exploring what 'identity' means, being unique, respecting others and feeling good about being yourself

KS1 and KS2

Linked to 'What Does LGBT+ Mean?' book

wonder woman original.png

The first female superhero was invented in the 1940s by a man to show a kickass woman using her brains

Billy Monger 2.png

Billy Monger, racing driver, lost both legs aged 17, but was back driving in months.  In 2021 he raised over two million pounds for Comic Relief

Derek Redmond.jpg.png

How to carry on when things get tough.  British Olympian Derek Redmond's finished his race last despite excruciating pain

Lella Lombardi.png
lgbt heart.png

Women Who Race Cars

Motor racing is one of the only sports where women are allowed to compete against men, however it is tough to succeed. Discuss why and learn about women who have succeeded in this very competitive world.


Bear With - The Importance of Talking - KS1 and LKS2 version

Talking and showing emotions can be difficult, especially for some boys who have been socialised to hide their emotions. This discussion ppt encourages children to talk and to support their friends 


Remembrance Assembly for KS1/2

Featuring men and women often forgotten and a 2-minute CBBC video for a moment of silence.

Female Spies.png

Female Spies of WW2

WW2 saw women employed as spies for the first time.  It was incredibly dangerous work, but their resilience and achievements deserve to be remembered.

Lilian Bader.png

Lilian Bader - first black woman in the WAAF, WW2

With an Irish Mother and Bajan Father, Lilian Bader faced racism throughout her life.  She was desperate to help out with the war effort in WW2 and became the first black woman to join the WAAF.

Pride and LGBT+

Pride 2.png
lgbt heart.png

Pride for Everyone

Ideas for celebrating pride for all the children in your school

Pride 2.png
lgbt heart.png

A brief history of LGBT+ rights in the UK

Pride 2.png
lgbt heart.png

Language can be extremely powerful.  

A helpful ppt for discussing how to talk with kindness and respect

Pride 2.png
lgbt heart.png

Rainbows Everywhere

A selection of ideas on how to celebrate with rainbows in many different forms.

Stonewall - Is it ok to break the law.png
lgbt heart.png

Stonewall - Is it OK to Break the Law if you Disagree with the Law?

Being LGBT+ was illegal or extremely difficult in the UK and the US in the 1960s.  Find out more about The Stonewall Riots for LGBT+ equality and three of the people who have become LGBT+ icons for their activism

Princess Catherine Duleep Singh's was an active suffragist and, together with her partner of 30 years, Lina, saved the lives of a number of Jewish families in Nazi Germany

Duleep Singh.png
lgbt heart.png
LGBTQ Timeline.png

A Timeline of LGBTQ+ Rights in the UK

Colourful and informative display for KS3/4 students

Created by Naomi Wilcox-Lee

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