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Pop'n'Olly - LGBT+ Edutainment

Pop'n'Olly is an LGBT+ equality educational resource used by children, parents, carers and teachers. The videos and books are used in primary schools across the UK, and beyond, to teach about equality, diversity and acceptance.

Created by Olly Pike, Pop'n'Olly 'usualises' different types of people, particularly those who may be LGBTQ+, and ultimately aims to combat homo-, bi- and transphobia before it can even begin to form

Resources suitable for KS1, KS2 and LKS3

Mel's View - I've been working with Olly Pike for several years helping to create engaging and useful resources for teachers.  They are unique and children and teachers tell us they love them.

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Shire Hall Historic Courthouse,
Dorchester, Dorset

Shire Hall Historic Courthouse Museum was the old Crown Court of Dorset from 1797 to 1955. They offer bespoke sessions for children of all ages, connecting history with contemporary issues around social justice, inclusion, diversity and equality, examining what historical case studies can teach us about people’s lives today and how we can shape the future for the better.

They use primary sources and active, creative and immersive experiences in the historic building to stimulate questioning and investigative learning.

Sessions for all ages: Early Years - Sixth Form and FE

Mel's View - A really unusual venue; very helpful staff and great sessions for students of all ages.  They are keen to adapt to fit in with your teaching needs.

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DEED, Dorset and Hampshire
Promoting Global Education and Learning

DEED provide training for adults and children on a range of themes

  • Multicultural Britain - helping to prepare young people for life in modern Britain by celebrating our multicultural diversity; exploring Britain's links with the rest of the world and learning about Black, Asian and Ethnically Diverse individuals who have impacted life in Britain.

  • The Climate and Ecological Emergency - exploring some of the issues, problems and ways we can all make a positive difference.

  • Global Learning – curriculum planning support to ensure environmental sustainability, human rights, social justice and equality are embedded in planning, topics and themes.


Sessions for all ages: Early Years - Sixth Form, plus teachers and trainees

Mel's View - Building on years of experience, DEED provide high quality training and interesting and engaging children's sessions.

Peter Radford - Beyond This

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Peter offers live, virtual and pre-recorded workshops for teachers and students on a range of themes, including:

  • Gender Equality and Women’s Rights

  • LGBTQ+ Awareness and Rights

  • Politics and British Values

  • Human Rights and the Refugee Crisis

  • Human Rights and Racism

  • Human Rights and Modern Slavery

Peter also runs an annual conference for students across the UK which incorporates themes on inclusion and diversity.

Sessions primary aimed at Secondary Age students

Mel's View - Peter's sessions are engaging and thought-provoking.  He encourages students to think deeply and consider what they can do to effect change.

Louisa Adjoa Parker
and The Inclusion Agency


Louisa Adjoa Parker is a British writer and poet of Ghanian heritage, living in the South West.

She  is passionate about telling the stories of marginalised voices, as well as making literature accessible to everyone. She believes that the arts are a powerful tool for personal and societal change. Her work explores themes including rural racism, identity, home, place, gender, motherhood, grief and violence.

Louisa delivers poetry workshops in schools.

Suitable for KS3 and KS4 

Mel's View - Louisa's poetry is beautiful and powerful and provides a great starting point for a discussions on race, gender and identity.

Safe at Home 

safe at home.png

Safe at Home is a non-profit organisation dedicated to raising awareness of child abuse and neglect in the home, while increasing support for those impacted. They work primarily in schools, advocating for comprehensive education and resources for all children. Their mission is to change the outdated way that abuse and neglect are both viewed and dealt with.

Mel's View - Safe at Home are driven by a genuine passion to help young people live safer lives, free from abuse in the home.

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Unicef Rights Respecting Schools Award

The Rights Respecting Schools Award is a transformative approach to engaging children in learning about their rights and helping them to become active citizens of the world, effecting change in their school, community and beyond.


The award is based on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.  It uses these rights as a focus for exploring how what we do affects other people and helps encourage children to recognise that they have a voice and that what they say matters.

The award is open to all educational establishments and for students of all ages.

Mel's View - This award had the greatest effect of anything I worked on in school.  It helped everyone in the school to feel part of a team working together to make things as good as they can be for everyone in the school and beyond.

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