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A Revolution in LGBT+ Teaching

This book gives teachers the confidence and knowledge to create an inclusive and welcoming classroom environment.

The book and it's accompanying resources (videos and activities) opens a discussion on relationships, gender, sexual orientation, privilege, identity and much more...

The result of extensive consultation with teachers, students and a wide range of LGBT+ people, this book is the perfect introduction to What is LGBT+?

 I learnt a lot from the book that I didn't know (and so did our teacher!)  - Y6 Pupil

This book is great to help children understand the community we live in.  I think it shows children that whoever they are, they are very special - Y6 Pupil

The book really helped me understand terminology I was unsure of before - KS2 Teacher

This book is so well written.  It is age-appropriate, really informative and explains things really simply.  An excellent handbook for teachers and students - KS1/2 Teacher

We really enjoyed the questions and the discussions we had.  Great book!  Y6 Pupil

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