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Mel Lane 

  • Primary Teacher

  • Teacher Trainer (PGCE)

  • Qualified Professional Development Lead

  • Rights Respecting Schools Assessor

  • Co-author What Does LGBT+ Mean? book for primary age children

After 23 years in the classroom and 20 years working in Teacher Training, I have been motivated to specialise in diversity and inclusion education.

Children can learn at school when they feel safe and secure, when they know that they can be proud of themselves and their families.  My work is aimed at helping more children to develop their self esteem and confidence in being themselves.

I want to encourage children (and adults) to recognise that we don't have to like or understand everything about each other, but we can allow other people to just be themselves.


I work with young LGBT+ people who are happy to share their stories with students and teachers.

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The team has worked with over 6000 students in over 50 schools across Dorset

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I work closely with LGBT+ charity Space Youth Project

Space provide youth groups and 1:1 support from trained adults for LGBT+ or questioning young people in Dorset

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Education Consultant and Content Creator

I work collaboratively with children's author Olly Pike, to develop LGBT+ inclusive resources for teachers, including lesson ideas, posters and worksheets related to Olly's books.

I also produce my own class assemblies and discussions (see the Teacher Resources page)

Olly's company, PopnOlly have a range of LGBT+ and diversity-friendly books, resources, posters and videos available through the website and Youtube Channel. 

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I am a Rights Respecting Schools Assessor

Rights Respecting Schools use the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child to teach children about rights and using rights.  Rights Respecting Schools help children to become active and caring global citizens.

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