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Diversity Mel

Inclusive Education

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"Mel is an inspirational motivator, who shines positivity in her sessions"
Teacher, Dorset

We have worked with over 75 schools, 2000 school staff and 8,000 students across Dorset.  

"The training was superb, informative and supportive in completely positive ways...They were all fantastic and inspiring speakers"
Headteacher, Dorset

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"The complexity of this issue has often felt problematic.  This session really helped me to empathise and see the impact of my behaviours"
Teacher, Dorset

"Very professional, interesting and informative"
Teacher, Dorset

"Helpful and informative - thoughtful and encouraging"
Teacher, Dorset

"This book contains everything I need to cover the RSE curriculum, with examples and explanations that really make sense to children" 

Katie T, KS2 Teacher            Find out more

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"This is an excellent and child-friendly guide, which grown ups will find invaluable too.   Every child should have access to it, however they identify."

British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

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Engaging and informative staff training on developing inclusivity in your school
delivered by an experienced professional

Student Workshops

Age-appropriate lessons on diverse families and being yourself.  Delivered in a warm and sensitive style by an experienced professional

Teaching Resources

Ready to use class assemblies and lesson ideas celebrating different ways to be yourself

Income from our Education Programme goes entirely towards funding our Youth Groups.
See the Staff  Training page for more information on charges.

Reviews from Schools

Headteacher, Dorset

Teacher, Staff Training

Teacher, Children's Workshop

"Fantastic training from real people who know what they are talking about. Please come back again."

"It was moving to hear from young people about their own experiences.  Thank you so much for sharing your stories."

"Really great Inset - so informative.  I have learnt a lot and could have listened for much longer.  Really engaging presentation style"

"mel created a relaxed and informal environment, with plenty of time for us to discuss our thoughts and ideas."

"Mel was fabulous at making the children feel at ease and they were happy to share their thoughts and questions."

"Mel created a safe space where children felt confident to talk."

"What a lovely story - such a great way to talk about different families."

Find out more about me

Together with my young volunteers, I am active in Dorset schools all year round - supporting and educating teachers and young people. 


I am Head of Education at Pop'n'Olly and Education Lead at Space Youth Project. 

I am also a Rights Respecting Schools Assessor.

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Parent Support

If your child has talked to you about being LGBT+ or you want to be prepared for any questions that might arise about the topic, more information is available.

Contact Me
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